Monday, November 18, 2019

Stock Images and WHY NOT TO USE THEM!

Take it from someone who knows first hand how wrong this can go! I now have to make sure to tell clients that I can not be responsible for any images they send that are not theirs to use.

I used a stock image for a client as a placeholder until they could send me the picture of their own, I completely forgot and left it on the site. About a year later Getty Images contacted the client and $600.00 later my lesson was learned. I took full responsibility for it, but I have learned.  This is one reason why I tell clients to not use stock images. This is one reason I am not a fan of Pinterest.

Google images is a good source to check images.

Read the article here....

Stock Photos - The Basics You Should be Aware Of - SiteProNews: Images are used as part of promotional tools by everyone, from large corporations to small eCommerce stores. Billions of images are seen all around the world on websites, newspapers, and magazines. The question is, where do these images come from? You might be surprised to know that most of them come from stock

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