Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SEO Changing Again: The New Rules for Dominance - SiteProNews

 This article pretty much sums everything up for you on SEO. Just a few more reasons why you hire a professional to design your web site.

Here is what I find so important....and so does Google.


Much of a site’s success has to do with its appearance and usability.
Sites that seem outdated, cluttered, or not intuitive simply aren’t trusted by most and will not get the amount of traffic desired.

In order for your site to be not only appealing (but more importantly
trusted) by consumers, there are certain elements that must be present.
But it isn’t just consumers that are concerned with your site’s
appearance; Google is too.

Google is continually trying to provide users with the best possible
listings in SERPs. This means that Google also analyzes a site’s bounce
rate and how much time users spend on a site. If your site looks like it
hasn’t been updated since 1999, they will move on quickly and Google
will recognize this and factor it in to your ranking results. Make sure
your site is as modern and user-friendly as possible if you want to rank

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SEO Changing Again: The New Rules for Dominance - SiteProNews