Wednesday, January 13, 2016

4 Inventive Ways to Rack Up Sales in 2016 - SiteProNews

 I see the value in this after meeting with two clients who could benefit from the options given here.

A great article. Save the cost of implementing high cost shopping carts and just integrate on of these great options. Why reinvent the wheel I always say.

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4 Inventive Ways to Rack Up Sales in 2016 - SiteProNews: Competing in the online marketplace is a dog eat dog business; there are constantly new companies and platforms emerging to edge out rival products, servic

The Value of a SEO-Dominant Domain Name - SiteProNews

 Before you purchase your domain name here are a few points to consider. I see clients making these mistakes every day and then wonder why they do not do well in a search. It costs nothing to ask a few questions.

 To ensure that you do not end up will a regrettable name that will
prevent you from making it big, here are several vital elements to a
domain name with serious SEO value.

 Be on the lookout for domains that have plural, misspelled, or hyphenated versions and avoid those at all costs.

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The Value of a SEO-Dominant Domain Name - SiteProNews: When starting a new business, no matter what niche you reside in, one of the most crucial decisions you will make is choosing the right domain name. The na