Thursday, July 23, 2015

All the Good Gals Wear White Hats

I have always adhered to only white hat SEO and will continue to do so. SEO is a science and anyone who thinks they know it all will never know it all. Been doing this a very long time and google still rules the internet.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Good Design-The Basics Never Change

It seems I have been in the Design Industry most of my life. Even when we owned Ramon's Restaurant my dad had me design placemats, menus and ads for Today newspaper. It has always been in my blood and will until the day I die. I have never grown tired of creating. Some people have burn out, I just delve into something new to learn. I see so many who get to a point and then quit. I never want to be that person. As I always say, "You can not teach someone who knows everything!"

With that being said I cut my teeth in learning layout from a true talented artist. Pat Never, Sr. took me under his wing and taught me most everything he knew. I was eager to learn and loved the teaching of this self-taught New York Sign Artist. We would get designs from big design firms and sit and laugh at them knowing they would not translate to large format. You see...I learned a long time ago that you can not go from small to big, but you can always go from big to small. I learned what constituted a good layout and how you start determines how the finished product looks.

Clear Channel is still my number one guide to direct people who think they know something about design. Their basic guidelines have not changed over the years but the presentation of it has.

Guidelines & Specifications for Designing Out-of-Home

 Simplicity is the fundamental guideline for creating good out-of-home design. The most effective out-of-home designs capture the essence of a message with lucid expression. For this reason, good out-of-home design can lead to better advertising executions in other media.