Friday, August 7, 2020

Pushing through in these Crazy Covid Dayze----The importance of Visual in Online Marketing...

 It has been a while since my last post. I am well and hope you are too. I have been busier than usual and I expect the upswing may be somewhat due to more people working from home. In the past few years the phone has overtaken overall web viewing. But I think you may see those numbers rise slightly. With a background in Graphics first and Front-end Web Development on its onset I have the expertise in both areas. 

Visual content is now getting the recognition it deserves in web design. In fact most of my clients usually contact me because of the visual on my sights. 

Read further about the importance of the VISUAL  at the link below from SiteProNews.


Importance of Visual Content

Monday, March 16, 2020

The Ever Changing Facebook Almighty Algorithm

It is reported that  Facebook ads are overtaking Google Ads!

They both have their place, but if you know how to work will work for you without them. This article gives insight on just how to do that.

And the takeaways are.....
Here’s what they do to avoid paying for ads and still reach more than 5% of their followers...

At least 20% of your content should be curated from other sources. This shows that you are not just trying to sell your products or services but that you genuinely care about keeping your audience informed or entertained.

 Read the rest of the article below: