Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Why is Grammar Important?

Your brand and your online presence is what potential clients judge you by. Please make it a good one.

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What is the big deal? So glad you asked. Let’s get to it.

Good grammar is a brand ambassador.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about your personal brand or your business brand — your grammar, spelling and punctuation represents you in the world. It sends the reader a message about your authority and attention to detail. It’s a trust signal; it says, I do good work. You can feel safe hiring me/buying from me/retaining my services.

Conversely, poor grammar harms your credibility and makes you look careless. In fact, four in 10 job applications are rejected due to poor grammar and spelling, according to the global communication skills company Communicaid. People are going to make judgments on your competence and intelligence based on your grammar, whether they realize it or not — and regardless of whether you think it’s OK for them to do so. Right or wrong, bad grammar hurts your bottom line.
It comes down to this: Anything great is error-free. Period.

AND for further confirmation please read this article in Business World.