Friday, May 20, 2016

11 Signs It's Time to Fire a Client - SiteProNews

 This article is a good read and says it like it is. Common problems in a service industry.The only one I would add would be the procrastinators. But then I usually do pretty well with those. Must be a reason for that.

A good response to some of the clients who fall into the categories below is...

 I have prior commitments that prevent me from taking on this project at this time.

 1. The Non-Pleasers.
2. The Blamers.
3. The Slow-Payers.
4. The Cost-Complainers.
5. The Panicked-Insisters.
6. The Non-Listeners.
7. The Abusers.
8. The Stress-Causers.
9. The Personality-Clashers.
10. The Energy-Vampires.
11. The Unreasonable-Demanders.

11 Signs It's Time to Fire a Client - SiteProNews: How do you know when enough is enough? As a business owner, it goes against all instincts to turn away business. When things go sour, often our entrepreneu

Thursday, May 5, 2016

How important is your Facebook page?

 This information is taken from the article below. It is a good read and emphasizing the fact that video is slowly growing in impact!  Below is a snippet from the article and link to the article is below. Apparently Google owns the internet and Zuckerberg owns everything else.

 For those of you who are naysayers, consider that in 2012 the company
went public, existing only as a website and app that’s profitability was
in question. Today, roughly 1.5 billion people use Facebook. More than 900 million use WhatsApp, 800 million people are on Messenger, another 700 million love Groups, and finally, 400 million reside on Instagram;
all of which are Facebook properties. The company operates four out of
six of the largest social platforms in the word, not to mention the
impending consumer frenzy Oculus Rift will create. If anyone has
paradigm-shifting potential, it’s Facebook.

How Facebook Will Forever Transform Business - SiteProNews: “If we’re trying to build a world-class News Feed, and a world-class messaging product, and a world-class search product, and a world-class ad system, and