Monday, October 29, 2018

Digital Marketing on a Budget: Your Complete Guide - SiteProNews

 Marketing 101-This article simply and concisely explains how to market your business today. Pay attention to the  Who, What, Where, When, Why and Which. I try and convey this to clients every day. Also I love this take away on Email Marketing...

Some studies
say that email marketing done right can have an ROI of up to 4300%. If
this percentage sounds too good to be true, take a moment to think about

Email service providers like MailChimp offer 100% free plans, so your financial investment is minimal...

Read the complete article below. 

Digital Marketing on a Budget: Your Complete Guide - SiteProNews: Ever dream about the awesome things you could do to promote your company if you had a nearly unlimited budget? We all do! If you find yourself envying the likes of Apple and Coca-Cola who seem to be everywhere, I have some news for you: not even they have an unlimited budget. Much like all of us, they still have to

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