Tuesday, February 16, 2016

PANDAmonium! Blame it on Google.

 Whatever Panda wants, Panda gets!

If your web site intends to keep up with Google the basics are a good place to start. The entire article is below but to bullet some of the important stuff...

  • Keep your content fresh-Google hates static web pages and stale content. Updates to content should be made on a regular basis.
  • The 401 on the 404 is to not worry about it.
  • Get a second pair of eyes to review content, and maybe a third or fourth.
  • Google hates a site riddled with obtrusive advertising!ME TWO!

 And for the rest of the story....

Did a New Google Panda Hit the Web? - SiteProNews: People trying to keep up with Google’s algorithm updates should have access to a warning that reads: “Caution. May cause whiplash!” Google is many things –

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