Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014: A Comprehensive Review of SEO - SiteProNews

 Highlights are:

The end result are a few very obvious takeaways:

1) Content, content, content. It’s your ticket to top rankings, but
it has to be authentic, relevant to your audience, original, current,
and interesting. Please do not add to the clutter; make each publication

2) Mobile is more important than the web for many (if not most)
companies now. Consider shifting your focus to mobile primarily (or even
exclusively if you need to choose) if this is where the bulk of your
audience is.

3) Black hat tactics will take down any of your sincere efforts for
high rankings. It’s getting harder and harder to fool the bots, so
seriously, don’t even try.

2014: A Comprehensive Review of SEO - SiteProNews

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