Friday, October 24, 2014

6 Paths to SEO Success in 2015 - SiteProNews

 Happy New Year!

 1. Social is the New SEO

 Because social media now accounts for over 25% of all time spent online, it’s an undeniable force.

 2. Approach SEO as a Real-Time Practice

 3. Go Mobile or Go Down in Flames

 4. Fast Sites Equal Faster Profits

 5. Timeliness is Godliness

Working in tandem with the real-time philosophy, aim to keep your
content as fresh and relevant as possible. Leaving holiday content up
even a few days after events have passed can damage search results and
credibility in the eyes of your users.

 6. Email is Still a Powerful Force

 Don’t count this old standby out as a significant marketing tool. With
all the web clutter, well-written and appropriately targeted email
campaigns still have some of the best ROI results around.

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6 Paths to SEO Success in 2015 - SiteProNews

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