Sunday, August 10, 2014

SEO's Two Most Important Tactics | SiteProNews

 Am I preaching to the choir here?

The ever changing world of SEO and how it affects your online presence. If content is KING, then SOCIAL MEDIA is QUEEN!! Snippets here and link to article.

 Your #1 Focus: Viral Content

With every passing day and marketing fad, content strengthens its stronghold as the most important factor in your SEO strategy. Chances are you’re sick of hearing how critical great content is. In order to prove this notion, I’ll share with you some current stats, just in case the urgency to continuously create relevant and stellar content hasn’t yet impacted you.

Social Media’s Role in Great SEO

The second most important factor in lasting and productive SEO is social media. They are exclusive practices with significant impact on each other.

Before I dive into what works in social, it’s necessary to dispel a core myth on how the two relate. Social signals do not themselves increase your SERPs. They are two completely different metrics. Amassing a boatload of Twitter followers and comments won’t improve your search results. Not by itself.

SEO's Two Most Important Tactics | SiteProNews

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