Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Many times when I am asked what are the first steps for getting a new website I always recommend to get all of the content of the website in an outline format. More times than not when I am approached about a client getting a website for the first time the client does not know specifically what they want on the website.

So attention all clients! You have homework – make an outline of all content for your new website.
This helps in (2) ways: First, it will allow a web designer to quote for your project. If you can get a website designer to give you a quote for a project where they have not seen at the very least an outline of the websites content then either the designer or client is probably not going to end up very happy with the amount of work going into the website. The designer runs a risk of under-estimating the amount of time and work it will take to complete a website or also it could to lead to project drift or creep.

Second and more importantly, knowing all of the content will allow for the optimal design for the website. Knowing all aspects of what is to be included on the website will absolutely affect it’s actual design.
The outline form can easily take the traditional outline format. Did you ever have to create an outline for a paper that you wrote in school? Ever had to give a presentation and wanted to make sure you covered specific points? You have probably created a content outline in one form or another.

A basic format is to make it look like this….

Remember the saying….”Content is King.”In most cases it is always the responsibility of the client to provide the content for the website. Again, in most cases that is optimal as no one knows the clients product or service better than the client does and what the best approach is to present it in a sales or information pitch via website. Remember the saying….”Content is King.” Be sure to treat it that way!

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