Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Still recovering from a severe sinus infection. It has been going around where I live in Brevard county, Florida. I got a call last week from a client in Boca Raton. It seems he had a problem with his godaddy account and they pulled his sites. The sites were created in Dreamweaver and were uploaded through filezilla. He said his site was not there or working and could I please fix it for him. I was on a mission. First site had all the file paths askew from his uploading. I stripped the wrong code from the index page and it was fixed. He then had another site and it was hosted on the same domain with deluxe hosting at godaddy which I have just started to learn how it works since I purchased that hosting for one of my clients. That was a little more tricky and I had to place a call to godaddy. I knew it had to be something with the files and the first thing I noticed is that one of his files online in the root folder had spaces. A BIG NO NO! As soon as we renamed that folder it worked. Now there was also flash slideshows that had to be addressed and once again I was on a mission to correct that. All is done. Here are the links.

Boca Dental Institute

Boca Dental Implan

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